Licenses & Seasons

Jason Sealock, Virginia
Jason Sealock, Virginia

Montana has a liberal game season. All booked clients need to obtain license applications. You can obtain these at the following address:

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks
1420 E 6th Ave.
Helena, Montana 59620
Phone: (406) 444-2950

Non-resident hunters must apply for their deer licenses before the March 15th deadline. The non-resident hunter that books a hunt will be allowed to apply for the deer combo (deer, fishing, bird) tag. These tags are on a draw basis.

Non-resident hunters also have the option of applying for a deer/elk combo tag; if they have made prior arrangements to hunt elk with us. The deadline for the antelope and/or archery elk permits is June 1, and these tags are on a draw basis.

For more information regarding licensing, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.