Combo Hunts: An exciting, versatile hunt – and a good choice for hunters unable to hunt in Montana frequently. You will be allowed to take either a whitetail or mule deer, antelope, as well as a wide variety of upland game birds. Very respectable trophies can be taken on this hunt, as it is not uncommon to see over one hundred animals, and sometimes more, a day. Some of our biggest trophies are killed on our early hunts, and you can take any animal you choose.

Hunt Southeastern Montana
Cody Clark, Pennsylvania

Trophy Hunts: After the opening hunts, the weather triggers the rut concentrating the game. Are you willing to endure the cold and hunt hard from sunrise to sunset? Can you pass up the smaller bucks you will see? If so, this is the hunt for you! Our area is unique for several reasons. First, local game counts confirm that you can expect to see a very high ratio of bucks to does. Also, there appears to be a very high ratio of non-typical mule deer. Best of all, we have large whitetail and mule deer bucks. We adhere to the principles of “fair chase,” but within these bounds, every effort is made to obtain the very best trophy available.

Archery Hunts: We welcome bow hunters! As experienced bow hunters ourselves, we understand the conditions necessary for close range stalking and a successful hunt. Because of the size of the area, and the fact that we limit the number of hunters, our area is not over-hunted. In short, we can help you experience this ultimate challenge.

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